Sunday, June 11, 2017

desperate (writers block)

desperate (writer's block)

desperate is the perfect word to describe this feeling
to be in a constant state of need 
i need the walls to fall from around me 
they've trapped my creativity 
words used to flow from underneath 
and now this feeling has me on my knees 
it grabbed me by the collar 
took me for a ride downtown
it shut my brain down
it silenced my voice that writing gave me
it has me begging, please
"please give me my brain back"
i question if it's too late 
i'm waiting on the day i wake and manage to find 
a pen and a piece of looseleaf 
to speak my mind

                         -alexis hare

~this is what writers block feels like. i'm writing about writers block, how ironic!?!~

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