Friday, June 9, 2017

my book!

you probably didn't know, but i'm here to tell you; i have a book. "black marble" is a relatable collection of poetry that accurately depicts a girl's life during the adolescence stage; with all of the thoughts, realizations, and lessons that come with book is available on amazon and i just wanna thank amazon and for making this possible. i'm very proud of my book black maeble as i did work very hard on it. black marble consists of 51 poems. i will share two of my favorites from the book with you.

                                 black marble (pg. 30)

the frustration of the world
took a hammer to a girl
but she did not crack
because she is black marble
beautiful enough to distract
while her fear sneaks out the back
she murders the world with her mindset
and shows her ability doesn’t lack

-alexis hare

bumpy, unpaved road (pg. 31)

you mistook me for the 
commonly traveled street
i’m the bumpy, unpaved road 
you take on your way
to a location that 
you never wanna leave
-alexis hare

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thank you amazon and for making this possible!!! 

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